Express Entry

Don't be fooled!  Skilled workers applying under Express Entry must meet the minimum requirements for one of Canada's economic immigration programs. Canadian Immigration uses a selection grid, awarding points to determine the eligibility of several categores of applicants for immigration.  The question most people want answered quickly is "Will I qualify?"  It seems like a simple question, but there are a lot of variables to take into consideration. 

In order to qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker program, points are awared for:

  • Occupation
  • Education
  • Language Skills in English and French
  • Work experience in a qualified occupation
  • Age
  • Job Offer
  • Study in Canada
  • Previous residence in Canada for work or study 
  • Spouse's language ability
  • Relatives in Canada

In addition, you must have enough funds for your resettlement in Canada.

Send us an email with your details today for a free assessment, and we will advise you if we think you qualify for this program or if another program seems to be more suitable for you.

There are several provincial programs for Skilled Workers and these may be more suitable for your specific circumstances.  Let us have a look at your qualifications and decide which program would be best for you.

Good news - there is no more occupation list for Skilled Workers! Anyone with experience in a skilled occupation may apply.  
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